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Total players: 1181

Website online: 109 days

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Min: 10

Max: 500

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Kickass Class

Dino batter

Dino cyclist

Dino droid

Gangsta Class

Dino busker

Dino surfer

Dino dude

Commando Class

Dino powerballer

Dino scooterboy

Dino skatemaster



Daily Profit:

0.1 USD

Total Returns:

11 USD

Cool Dino tariffs:

Kickass Class

dino batter

Price: $10 - $500
Profitability: 1% per day
Valid for: 10 days
Principal: Back

dino cyclist

Price: $500 - $3000
Profitability: 1.2% per day
Valid for: 16 days
Principal: Back

dino droid

Price: $3000 - $10000
Profitability: 1.4% per day
Valid for: 24 days
Principal: Back

Gangsta Class

dino busker

Price: $10 - $1000
Profitability: 115% after 10 days
Valid for: 10 days
Principal: Include

dino surfer

Price: $1000 - $5000
Profitability: 160% after 30 days
Valid for: 30 days
Principal: Include

dino dude

Price: $5000 - $10000
Profitability: 310% after 50 days
Valid for: 50 days
Principal: Include

Commando Class

Needs rest

dino powerballer

Price: $15000 - $50000
Profitability: 2.5% per day
Valid for: 30 business days
Principal: Back
Needs rest

dino scooterboy

Price: $4000 - $30000
Profitability: 3.5% per day
Valid for: 60 business days
Principal: Back
Needs rest

dino skatemaster

Price: $200 - $15000
Profitability: 4.5% per day
Valid for: 90 business days
Principal: Back

Welcome to the exciting world of
adventure with Cool Dino

Do you want to have a great time and earn every day? Then Cool Dino is for you! We've created a fun and unique game where every player wins. Choose your Dino right now and start earning a profit.

Train, feed and visit your Dino – and he will reward you with daily profits. We've also prepared lots of quests, bonuses and contests for you. Become the leader of our rating and maximize your earnings – or even mine our tokens and trade them on the crypto exchange. Come and join us, it will be fun!

Dino is both profitable and fun!


Create an account
in just a few clicks

Select a Dino

Choose Dino that you liked the most and earn together

Level up your
Dino with our Dino Shop

Feed your Dino,
give him vitamins and drinks, and he will reward you with even higher profits

Trade on the exchange

Earn even more
with crypto trading


Freeze your tokens
and get 5% extra from mining

Complete quests

Get prizes and
even more money

A huge supermarket of treats for
your Dino

Buy treats in Dino Shop, level up your Dino and get even higher profits!

  • Food: increase your Dino's daily profit
  • Energy drinks: don't have time to sign in and let your Dino rest? No problem!
  • Vitamins: maximize your referral rewards!
  • Chests: surprises from our store and even new Dinos – you'll get lucky!

There's more! Complete quests and win prizes from Dino Shop!

Dozens of fantastic quests with prizes, special offers and CDN token giveaways, referral contests – with Cool Dino you'll never get bored!

Well, are you ready to play and earn? Then register right now and start making money! We created Cool Dino for you, so don't hesitate to ask us any questions.

IMPORTANT! Remember to sign in to the game daily

In order for your Dino to stay strong and energized, you need to visit him every day and give him rest. You can do it in your Dashboard.

If you skip even one day and don't let your Dino rest, his profitability will fall by 50%.
* Only for Commando Class
But if you have important stuff to do and can't visit your Dino, it's not a problem. In our Dino Shop you'll find a selection of great energy drinks.
Give Dino an energy drink and he won't need to rest for 1 to 7 days!

If you do everything right, your Dino will always be fit, while you will get a special gift from Dino Shop.

Learn to trade tokens and earn even more

Do you want to get even more money than what your Dino brings you? Would you like to try yourself at crypto trading? Then we have a solution: CDN tokens. All our early players can buy CDN at the special price of $0.5 per token. You'll be able to invest your tokens in mining and get 5% daily in dividends – or trade your CDN on our own crypto exchange.

160.000 CDN

Total number of
tokens issued


token price


token price

30.400 CDN

Number of
tokens on the exchange

Initial Exchange Offering

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO): we'll list Cool Dino tokens (CDN) on our exchange at the special price of just $0.5. After the listing, you can buy and sell CDN for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto.

CDN token distribution

  • 72% 115.400 CDN Mining
  • 7% - 3200 CDN Quests
  • 19% - 30.400 CDN IEO
  • 2% - 11.200 CDN Giveaway

Crypto mining with Dino: freeze your tokens and get 5% daily

Buy tokens at the pre-sale or on our exchange, freeze them in your wallet and get a 5% daily reward from mining! Use our calculator to check how much you'll earn.

Dividend calculator

Enter amount in CDN:

Per hour:

0.00208333 CDN

Per day:

0.05 CDN

Per week:

0.35 CDN

Per month:

1.5 CDN

Our advantages

Creative team

We've put all our soul, patience and love into this project. We do hope you like it!


You can ask us anything. Our support team will help you solve any difficulty.

Instant payouts

All our payouts are processed instantly and automatically, so you won't have to wait long.

Development and improvement

We constantly tweak and improve our project so that you can enjoy it even more.


With Cool Dino, you can earn up to 160% monthly – it all depends on you.

Referral Program

Get 7% of your referrals' deposits

Mining income

Earn a daily dividend on CDN tokens invested in PoS mining.

Cool pets

Each Dino is great in his own way

Referral program

7% of your referrals' deposits

Payment systems


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Where can I get tokens?
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How do quests work?
How many times can I complete the same quest?


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